Jenn Sequoia Sankary

inspiring through aerial & adventure


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About Jenn

Jenn Sequoia Sankary is an aerial dance instructor and performer from Los Angeles. She spent many of her childhood years competing and dancing on ice. A jane of many trades, Jenn also has a background in fire dancing, pole dancing & burlesque. Her first introduction to aerial arts was on silks but shortly after she fell in love with the aerial hammock.

When she is not on the fabrics, you can find her playing in the wilderness. As an adventurer, rock climber and nature lover, she aspires to inspire not only through aerial but also through her love for the outdoors. She truly believes in the healing power and natural therapy that can be found in the wilderness.

Jenn is a brand ambassador for Ahzalhea Designs, a clothing company designed for movement.

Her Classes

Jenn's classes focus on practicing safe technique, building strength and finding fluidity through creative transitions and form. She is passionate about sharing her love for performance arts with her students and with every class strives to create an environment that is personable, encouraging and lighthearted. What really differentiates Jenn's classes is her attention to detail and her strong belief in providing a welcoming space where her students feel like a family and are inspired to grow together, support each other and push one another. 

"We rise by lifting others" - Robert G. Ingersoll


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